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  • One size fits most

  • Made in China

  • 100% cotton

  • 8” ties for custom fit


The low-profile design fits comfortably under a hard hat or helmet and is great for chefs, restaurant workers, painters, construction workers, landscaping, roofing, or anybody working in the heat. Can also be used to reduce the risk of heat stress while mountain biking, motorcycling, gardening, hiking, playing sports and more.

Call it a motorcycle doo rag, dew rag, durag, do rag, total wrap, flydanna, or a head wrap. The Bandanna Store has what you are looking for.  We carry a large selection of designs to fit your lifestyle or occupation.   We have motorcycle dew rags with flair, bling, solid colors, and multi-color designs.  The durags are made from 100% cotton.  There are many reasons to use a doo rag, they can keep your head warm, wick moisture away from the skin, offer a level of SPF protection, and make a fashion statement.